J. Angus MacLean Building

J. Angus MacLean Building

Construction of The J. Angus MacLean Building, originally known as the Union Bank Building, began in 1872. The land on which the building is located, at the corner of Richmond and Great George Streets, once belonged to Lieutenant Governor Edmund Fanning, and later to Member of Executive Council/Colonial Secretary Henry Haszard. Before the building was built to house the Union Bank, a small flour and meal market operated on the site.
Established in 1863, the Union Bank was one of the first banks to operate in Prince Edward Island. The Union Bank building was built during a successful period for the bank, and its proximity to the legislature was intentional. However, involvement in the construction of the PEI Railway led to financial difficulties for the bank, and twenty years after its establishment it merged with the Bank of Nova Scotia, which used the building until 1921. The provincial government bought the building in 1939, and renamed it after former Premier J. Angus MacLean in 2002.

Like the nearby Honourable George Coles Building, the J. Angus MacLean building is an Italianate design by Thomas Alley. It currently houses the Reference Collection and Research Service of the Legislative Assembly, the meeting room for the Standing Committees, Hansard, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Commissioner, and Legislative Counsel.


1st floor – Committee Room, Reference Collection, and Research Service of the Legislative Assembly

2nd floor – Hansard Office and the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner

3rd floor – Legislative Counsel Office